Office of The Dean, Academic Affairs

Helping students graduate on time since 2009

You may fill out one of the four forms below and a member of the deans office will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Overload Request

Required for students wishing to take more than the maximum allowed credit hours in a semester. For more information on what qualifies as an overload, visit:


Summer Hours Waiver Request

Required for students who are unable to complete the 9 semester hours of coursework during one or more summer sessions at FSU or one of the State University System campuses.


Late Graduation Application

Required for students who missed the Registrar’s graduation application deadline. For more information on the Registrar’s graduation application deadline and period, visit:

Computer Competency Course Substitution Form
*Despite the descriptions above, none of the applications above will be required until around Fall of 2015. These forms are still under development.