Student Information for Spring 2021

Note: All statements on this page are subject to adjustment by the University, its Board of Trustees, and/or the State University System Board of Governors, as well as governmental entities at the local, state, and federal levels.

What to expect for Spring 2021:

To help support the health and safety of our campus community, many courses in Spring 2021 will be delivered via remote instruction. Remote instruction may include synchronous meetings, asynchronous activities, or a combination of both.

Some courses, such as those with an intrinsic need for in-person activities, will also include an on-campus in-person component.

Students, as you examine your schedule online, please note the following:

1. If there is a meeting time but the room number has been removed, the class will likely be remote and include some or all synchronous meetings.
2. If both the meeting time and the room number have been removed, the class will likely be remote and all asynchronous.
3. If the meeting time and room number are still displayed into the week of June 15, the class may include on-campus/in-person activities or meetings.

It is important to check your Spring 2021 schedule frequently. In order to accommodate social distancing by reducing density of occupation in classrooms, some classes will be “expanded” into additional rooms. In addition, some classes may shift slightly in time, place, or delivery mode as the Fall schedule is finalized.

The University's official plan for Fall will move through levels of approval during the period of June 15-24. To view the University's official plan click here.