When to Contact CCI Research

Faculty and students of the College of Communication and Information must seek approval before committing time or resources to a contract or grant proposal.  The approval process is coordinated through the CCI Research Office.

Contact the CCI Research Office before:

  1. Applying for any grant, whether it involves research or not, or acting as the Principal Investigator or any key personnel on the proposal.
  2. Participating in any capacity, paid or unpaid, on a contract or grant being submitted by someone outside the College of Communication and Information.
  3. Entering into a contract (or subcontract) for research or the delivery of research services.
  4. Renewing a contract (or subcontract).
  5. Submitting a progress report linked to continued funding.
  6. Transferring a grant to Florida State University from another institution.
  7. Seeking to transfer a grant due to transferring to another institution.

Proposal Preparation

The goal of the CCI Research Office is to support your successful submission and avoid unnecessary complications.  We will assist you with budget preparation as well as share resources that will help you develop your proposal and help make valuable connections to others outside of our resources.  We will serve as liaison to the SRA office but we cannot bypass any of their required procedures. All proposals are submitted through the FSU Office of Research following their required procedures.
The most commonly requested information is available at the following:

Grant Submissions Using Grants.gov

Frequently Used Facts for Proposal Preparation

For help in budget preparation, please contact research@cci.fsu.edu.  She will assist you via phone or set up an appointment to initiate budget development.

Participating on a Non-CCI Funding Application

When you anticipate that you will be participating in a project that originates outside of the College of Communication and Information, please contact us immediately by either sending an email to research@cci.fsu.edu or calling us.  The CCI Research Office is here to assist you in the planning and preparation of Non-CCI proposals as well.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Contacting the CCI Research Office

  • Who is the lead PI and what is the location of the project?
  • What is the program announcement number and/or website of the sponsor?
  • What is the title of the funding opportunity?
  • What is your role on the project?
  • How much effort can you devote to this project? Will you have that time available?
  • Have you determined the amount of IDC to return to CCI?
  • What is the other university of FSU lead PI deadline date?
  • What type of funding is it? Federal, private, state, etc?
  • Is it a subcontract that needs to be developed?
  • What information from the CCI Research Office will you need?

Post-Award Services

Approval of an award is exciting but it is also an important moment to consider the requirements of the project.  Please contact the CCI Research office as soon as you have learned of your award to make an appointment.  A checklist that outlines the steps to initiate a new award has been developed.  You and your team can schedule an appointment to walk through the next steps while waiting for the funding to arrive.