Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Use This Tool?

This WordPress Network has the capability to host many different websites. Currently it is hosting the primary CCI Sites such as and It will soon host many more.

How Do I Update My Faculty/Staff Profile Page?

The CCI Web Development team have created a tutorial on how to do just this. We have also created a tutorial on how to upload your C.V. If you need any further assistance with this, please contact the CCI Help Desk.

Who Has Access To Site Manager?

This network was built so that the Faculty and Staff for the College of Communication and Information could update and manage sites they are responsible for with ease. Students can be granted access to specific sites with the approval of the sites faculty advisor. Students will not be able to host their own sites on this network.

Who Is In Charge Of All Of This?

This network was built and is maintained by the CCI Web Development Team. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at

What If I Want To Install An Additional Plugin Or Theme?

We encourage users to customize the sites they are responsible for. As long as the user stays within the guidelines set by FSU and this WordPress network, we would be happy to help as best we can. Please contact one of the for more information.