Participating in a Non-CCI Funding Application

When participating in a project that originates outside of the College of Communication and Information, please contact the CCI Research office immediately by either sending an email to or calling CCI Research at (850) 644-4109. The CCI Research Office assists in the planning and preparation of Non-CCI proposals as well.

What to know before Contacting the CCI Research Office:

  • Who is the lead Principal Investigator and what is the location of the project?
  • What is the program announcement number and/or website of the sponsor?
  • What is the title of the funding opportunity?
  • What is your role on the project?
  • How much effort can you devote to this project? Will you have that time available?
  • Have you determined the amount of IDC to return to CCI?
  • What is the other university of FSU lead Principal Investigator deadline date?
  • What type of funding is it? Federal, private, state?
  • Is it a subcontract that needs to be developed?
  • What information from the CCI Research Office will you need?