International Faculty Research Projects and Connections

As a leading research university, at Florida State many faculty undertake research on international topics, work with international research collaborators, or publish research with international recognition and reach. You can find out more about faculty members’ research and teaching interests and expertise in our College directory.

Our faculty are engaging with students in a range of instructional, research and service projects domestically and internationally. Find examples at our Faculty of the Future site.

Faculty have also received very prestigious international research awards, including Fulbrights and DAAD awards.
Dr. Johnathan Adams earned a Fulbright award for work in Thailand
Dr. Johnathan Adams’ blog
Dr. Andy Opel won a Fulbright Scholar award to travel to Norway for research in 2019-2020.

Other International Awards: DAAD Everhart
Dr. Everhart is a visiting lecturer in dieburg germany
Dr. Everhart awarded daad research stay for university academics and scientists/

Faculty invited as guest speakers or visiting scholars to foreign universities 
iSchool professor delivers keynote lecture in amsterdam
Museum informaticist Dr. Marty keynotes in south korea
Marcia Mardis keynotes at edutech