Visiting Scholars

The College of Communication and Information welcomes a limited number of visiting scholars each year to work on a collaborative research project with a host faculty member. We have many inquiries each year and are not able to host all interested scholars. Most visiting scholars join us in August. Visiting scholars should begin correspondence with potential host faculty members at least six months in advance of a proposed visit, as there are many steps to complete in the application and review process. All visiting scholars must meet minimum English language competency requirements. We do not provide financial support to visiting scholars, and so they must be self-funded.

A description of FSU's visiting scholar program and process can be found at:

2019-2020 Visiting Scholars:

  • Ms. Hee-Seon Chae, new media and data journalism Team, SBS broadcasting company, South Korea, “Exploring how the media will gain more credibility in the new media environment.”
  • Mr. Soon-Wook Hwang, Reporter and Anchor, Channel A TV Station, South Korea, “The New Media Platform Era, a New Strategy for TV News.”
  • Jung-hwan Kim, Industry Reporter, Maeil Business Newspaper, South Korea, “Utilizing online comments for news writing in the United States.”
  • Woongrai Kim, World News Team, YTN, South Korea, “The Role of the Press for Promoting Local Autonomy: A Study on the Virtuous Cycle Between U.S. Local Autonomy and Local News, and a Search for a Korean Alternative”
  • Sung Jae Park, Department of Library and Information Science, Hansung University, South Korea, “In-Depth Study on the Theory of Information Worlds.”
  • Dr. Kyoungsik Na, Department of Library and Information Science, Konkuk University, South Korea, “The perception of collaborative and social health information seeking experienced by the elderly through a collaborative information search process.”
  • *Yanmei Zhang, Associate Professor, Chang'an University, Xi’an, China, “Distribution Trends in Microdocumentaries.”

2018-2019 Visiting Scholars:

  • Jae Hee Youn, News Anchor and journalist, YTN, “Defining the Boundary between Freedom of Speech and the Political Influence of the Media.”
  • Sun Ah Lee, Unification and Nat’l Security Reporter and Journalist, YTN, “Peace Journalism: a path to unification in reporting conflicts on the Korean Peninsula?”
  • Kang Jin Lee, Political Division, Reporter and Deputy Head, YTN, “Innovation in Journalism Fact-Checking.”